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What is the GICTI Campaign?

What is the GICTI Campaign?
The Gempack ICT Initiative (GICTI) is a campaign between Gempack and KENIC (Kenya Network Information Centre). KENIC is the entity charged with the management and the administration of the dot ke Country Code Top-Level Domain (.ke ccTLD) name. The initiative will bring together two key industry players in ICT, whose main focus has been to provide an online space for Kenyans and Kenyan businesses.

The initiative’s main goal will be to secure domain names for university students at an affordable price. The domain will be a account, which can be used as a powerful marketing tool for students.

With the growing trends of ICT in Kenya, the opportunities available for young people to exploit online are vast and immense. However, not many people are cognizant on how they can tap into these opportunities. The number one complaint, amongst the youth has always been the lack of an opportunity or a platform to showcase their work and talent. Well, ICT has been and is continually solving that problem for them.

In the past decade, the growth of social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, YouTube and many others have allowed the world to become a much smaller place through networking. We have seen plenty of stars emerge from their living room and into the world, through the use of ICT. Mega stars such as Justin Bieber may have appeared to have been overnight sensations, however the power behind his stardom can be accredited to his strong, loyal online fan following, that supported him long before the production houses and big labels approached him.

The underlying message is that in today’s world technology has given each and every one of us a platform and the power to share our talent and ideas with the world. We have become the authors of our own digital content. For the Kenyan youth specifically, this is particularly good news because the GICTI Campaign will allow them to market themselves and their talent across the board. This will be done by providing them with ownership of a domain name that is unique to them, and that will give them

a chance to congregate all their information on Facebook, YouTube, etc. on a single platform and use this site as their No.1 marketing tool.